Saturday, May 12, 2012

Still learning....

It's been a crazy month.  I've torn up 4 paintings.  Normally I would say that I tear up one painting for every one that I complete.  I just wasn't getting the results I wanted with my brushes...I'm still learning!  Hopefully I'll get back to at least one or two of the paintings that ended up in the trash - the subject matter is worthy, right now my skills weren't.

So, now I think I may have a keeper - I'm in the early stages of another local landmark in town.  There's a pretty cool tobacco shop on University Avenue in Palo Alto that has great stuff behind the front windows, and a couple of Wooden Indian statues guarding either side of the front door.  I took a photo of the front of the store just after sundown so that the lighted display cases, and the neon signs would show.
Hopefully I'll have this painting completed in the next week to 10 days.  Thanks for checking in....Mark