Sunday, April 21, 2013

Point Lobos, The Slot completed

It was fun to do a painting with an ocean subject.  I really enjoyed the color palette.  The different blues, greens, and even crimson that was needed to solve the various water colors was a good challenge.  Not to mention all the different colors needed for the the rocks, and the vegetation both above and below the water line.  The composition also is pretty cool -  the direction of the rocks, the flow of the water, the calm of the tide pool.

FYI - when I complete a painting I have the painting professionally photographed so that I have good quality images for my blog, website, and when needed - exhibition entries.  My photographer is on vacation for a couple of weeks so this photo of mine will be replaced with a higher quality image when he returns.

Next up is a mini painting - 8"x12".  Another Venice canal scene.  Thanks for stopping by!  Mark

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Slot

Thought I would follow up my Point Lobos tree painting with a Point Lobos water painting.  I didn't do justice in my previous painting to the fact that PL is on the Pacific.  So, my conscience will now be clearer when I complete this painting with a reference to the ocean....
BTW, this view of the Pacific is from a photo I took at "The Slot".  The Slot at Point Lobos is an inlet of water that faces south, so you get the California coast line in the background.  Thanks for checking in...Mark