Saturday, April 1, 2017

Capri, Italy

Just finished this exciting commission.  Capri, Italy, or better yet, just off the coast of Capri, Italy.
I really enjoyed the composition, and colors of this subject.  The tilt of the horizon with the chop of the water, does give a nice sense of motion.  The couple I am painting this for spent part of their honeymoon last year at this spot, and on this boat.  I'm happy to be able to memorialize this special time for them.  The photo attached is a bit darker than the original painting.  Up next is a photo from our walk across Spain last fall...more memories!!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friends on a log

I finished this painting over the Christmas and New Year break.  I started this painting about nine months ago, but set it aside to accomplish a couple of other works.  This painting is from some photos I took at a pond in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.  It took three different photos to come up with this design.  The duck's body and head are a mix of two photos, and third helped with some of the feathers.  The turtle originally was somewhat blocked by the duck's body, and I separated them.
here you go...