Friday, June 22, 2012

Burgers and more...

An old friend in local dining...Alpine Inn is a favorite spot for burgers, beer, fries and sodas.  As you may have noticed, for the last many months I have been applying a lot of paint toward paintings of local establishments that are either personally memorable for me and my family, or as in the case of the Tobacconist store - just a cool Palo Alto store front.  Alpine Inn is one more of these special places.  If all goes well I should be finishing this painting in about a week.  Thanks again for checking in, Mark

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tobacconist is a wrap

It's been awhile since I completed a painting.  As my previous post explained I had a string of unsatisfying attempts.  Then I started this cool tobacco shop in town, and promptly went on vacation...Ecuador was calling.  Well, I'm back, in more ways than one!  The Tobacconist shop was a very satisfying painting.  The amount of detail was amazing, and the things that drew me to the idea in the first place: the wooden indians, the lighted cases, the neon signs, and the warm setting came through.  I'm pleased...I hope you are as well.  Thanks for checking in - Mark