Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shoe Trees of Park City

Just completed a very fun project.  Good friends of ours live in Park City, Utah.  It so happens Park City has a row of trees that for more than 50 years people have launched their tennis shoes, ski boots, whatever I guess they have on at the time and then walk away....why not?  So, being loyal Park City residents our friends wanted this landmark memorialized in paint....the perfect family room addition.

The difficult and fun thing with this project is that not only did the trees and shoes need to be front and center, but of course some Park City ski runs had to be included.  When I took some reference photos it is not possible to see the ski runs and the trees at the same time.  So with some artistic license I joined tree photos and ski run photos and then the fun part...painting 422 shoes.  Here you go...