Thursday, January 23, 2014

Friend and horse

Over new years Elke and I spent a couple of days with some friends down in San Luis Obispo.  They own a beautiful property just north of there in the foothills - it's fabulous.  On their ranch they have some beautiful horses, a donkey, a goat, chickens, and a bunch of very cool very relaxed dogs.  Anyhow we took a great walk in the hills on their property and I took some photos.  I really liked one photo I took of our friend Ted walking one of their new horses.  I particularly like they way they were looking in opposite directions and just the wonderful setting.  Since I've never painted a horse and I don't do many paintings of people this was even more incentive to try to render this scene.  So, I'm in the early stages of this thing and I am basically working in reverse to the way I normally attack a painting.  As you know from seeing paintings develop on this blog I usually paint the background first top to bottom then whatever is in the front.  With this painting the whole purpose is to get Ted's face and the horses head just right.  So I painted those first.  I would hate to work for two weeks on the background then mess up the faces.  So, here you go, I'll update again next week.  Thanks. mg

Half Dome Reflection

Finally completed my Half Dome painting.   This was more of a challenge than I anticipated.  Combined with the Christmas holiday and being a bit lazy for the last half of December this painting was on my table for a month longer than I expected.  It's all good though...sometimes I just have to stop hurrying.  Well, regarding Half Dome Reflection...all the foliage was a real challenge to depict.  Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop, such was the case with some of the trees both right and left.  When it came to the water and the reflection of the trees, stones, and Half Dome the fun was on.  I love the color nuances of the greens, blues, golds.  I hope you enjoy.
I just started a new painting of a friend walking his horse.  I'll post something soon.  Thanks for coming by.  mg