Saturday, February 2, 2013

Banner Peak...again

My favorite high sierra lake is 1000 Island Lake.  Located on the eastern side of the sierra's at the base of Banner Peak, and Mt. Ritter to its south.  This is my 3rd landscape painting of this area.  This painting is different from my previous two in that the photo I took was taken one afternoon when clouds were gathering and rain was going to fall.  Even though what you see in this early stage of the painting is pretty monochromatic, there is going to be more color as I get to the center of the scene where there is green and gold grasses, and some blue sky reflection at the bottom.  This painting is progressing slowly- lots of tiny brush strokes, so maybe a week from now you'll see an almost complete painting - for sure more color.  Thanks for checking in...Mark
Made some progress today, thought I'd post some color.

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