Sunday, April 21, 2013

Point Lobos, The Slot completed

It was fun to do a painting with an ocean subject.  I really enjoyed the color palette.  The different blues, greens, and even crimson that was needed to solve the various water colors was a good challenge.  Not to mention all the different colors needed for the the rocks, and the vegetation both above and below the water line.  The composition also is pretty cool -  the direction of the rocks, the flow of the water, the calm of the tide pool.

FYI - when I complete a painting I have the painting professionally photographed so that I have good quality images for my blog, website, and when needed - exhibition entries.  My photographer is on vacation for a couple of weeks so this photo of mine will be replaced with a higher quality image when he returns.

Next up is a mini painting - 8"x12".  Another Venice canal scene.  Thanks for stopping by!  Mark

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