Friday, May 10, 2013

San Francisco Bay

Last week I wanted to take some photos of the San Francisco waterfront from the water - so I took the Red and White Bay cruise.  The weather was great, maybe too great, the city skyline was all a bit gray we needed a good breeze to clear out some of the haze.  Anyhow, the Golden Gate bridge was still there, and the water was blue, so for my next painting I am combining elements from a couple of photos I took.  When we were out around Alcatraz a bunch of seagulls were flying along side our boat.  As I snapped away at the city skyline and Golden Gate bridge many of the photos had seagulls at various distances.  So, let's see if there's an interesting composition to be had.  Let me know if this works - when I'm done!  Thanks, Mark

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