Saturday, November 28, 2015

What is it about boats?

So I just put the finishing brush strokes on my row boat painting...I'm pleased with the results.  What is it about row boats, sail boats, canoes, kayaks that is so esthetically pleasing?  It must be the lines and curves - some of the similar graceful shapes of the human body.  I really enjoyed creating this watercolor.  The scene is peaceful, the colors perfect - even the aqua-bluish color of the ropes tying the boats to the trees.  Perfect!  My job was to not screw it up, and bring a little more contrast and vibrancy than the original photo.  Since you are not seeing the photo - you'll have to trust me - I think I did.  Not sure what is next, but I'm searching...thanks for coming by....Mark  (I'll have a better photo in about a week after my photographer does his thing.)