Monday, June 17, 2013

Yellowstone National Park

Who out there has been to Yellowstone Park?  I hadn't been since I was about 8 years old...I remembered nothing.  So last week I flew to Montana to spend the week taking photos in both Yellowstone and also down to Grand Teton National Park.  My hope was to get some painting worthy photos.  Yellowstone is one of those places where if you trip and trigger your camera you'll still get a great photo.

For me, since I'm not a big fan of crowds, I got up real early each day and drove to my photography locations arriving before sunrise.  The idea being to give myself the best chance at seeing wildlife at the breakfast hour.  It worked.  When I arrived home a few days ago and uploaded my photos one of the first photos I took was in the Hayden Valley in Yellowstone at about 5am.  The sun was about a half hour from showing up, but the light was fantastic, and everything was in silhouette.  So, it's my first painting from the trip.  This painting is about as simple as a painting gets for me.  Again because the landscape and trees were in silhouette there is very little minute detail.  Basically the sky was the tricky part.  So, here you go....

Up next...another Yellowstone / Teton subject.  Thanks for checking in....if you have the time - go see Yellowstone!  Mark

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